Just in time for us to fall in love with it all over again, Netflix brings us the second season of House of Cards on Valentine’s Day.

As Wired.com opines, what happens after you become Vice-President of the United States? For Frank Underwood, the machiavellian lead of House of Cards, the answer might be “the stakes get higher, and things start to fall apart” — or, at least, that’s what the trailer for the upcoming second season of the Netflix drama seems to suggest.

The trailer picks up from where the first season of the show left off, with Underwood having successfully schemed his way into the Vice-Presidency. For all his arrogance as he gets sworn into office (“Democracy is so overrated”), however, we’re quickly reminded that there are those out there who have some idea of what’s really happened: Witness Doug Stamper warning that he “can’t have this conspiracy stuff going mainstream,” while Zoe Barnes apparently realizes just what happened to Peter Russo at the end of the first season.


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