About us

The Company

Torrents Software SL

Torrent Software is a start-up company co-founded in 2013 by renowned peer-to-peer technology developer Pablo Soto, along with some of the finest angel investors and technology designers in Madrid, Spain. Built around a culture that encourages making dreams come true through smart thinking, hard work, and Free Culture, Torrent Software is devoted to fulfill the information and entertainment needs for millions of users worldwide.

The Team


The team in Madrid is in charge of Business, Web product, Torrent Content and Applications, while trying to keep an eye on nearby particle collisions.


The team in Navarra designs User Experience and creates a product line that even a Prime Minister would understand.


The team in U.S. and Argentina creates content for the masses and has fun sending work emails at strange hours.

Our Investors

These groups of fine people give meaning to the "angel" part of business angels.